• Fields Of Fynbos

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    On a hot summer’s day, when you’re driving somewhere around the Cape Peninsula with the windows of your car wide open, you may get a whiff of a pungent, peppery smell that is synonymous with summer. It’s the smell of fynbos, the flora that is endemic to the Western Cape. Fragrances vary widely too. Cape chamomile & Buchu with their rich aroma smells combine with floral notes and an earthy, herbaceous undertone.

  • Forest Of Baobab

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    The mighty magic baobab is also known as Africa’s upside-down tree. The trunk grows so wide it is sometimes hollowed and used as a room. Bushmen believe it does not grow like normal trees, but suddenly falls to the ground with a thump and just disappears again one day.

    The fruit has large whitish flowers which open at night. The Baobab fruit, which grows up to a foot long, contains tartaric acid and vitamin C which makes a pleasantly refreshing drink.

  • Rooibos & Chamomile

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    In dried form, it smells a bit tart, somewhat like a Meyer lemon. It’s also frequently described as woody, though it’s very fresh and sweet-smelling. The scent is certainly complex, but in a nutshell, it’s potently vanilla-like and herbal.

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