What is Serengeti Home Fragrances?
A brand that is inspired by unique African designs and fragrances that represent the diversity and natural beauty of the African continent.
Where is Serengeti Home Fragrances manufactured?
South Africa
How are our fragrances selected?
Africa is filled with unique fauna & flora. All Serengeti Fragrances variants are based on a fragrance of an indigenous plant or flower on the African continent.
What do the designs of the of the fragrance represent?
Once the fragrance is selected, the artwork of the box is inspired by the unique African artwork of the region where the fragrance comes from. Allowing the consumer to experience the diverse cultures of the African continent.
Can our Diffusers be used as Home D├ęcor?
All bottles are etched with a unique 360-degree African design making every diffuser a decorative item for the home. All our glass bottles can be reused.
Are Serengeti Home Fragrances diffusers environmentally friendly?

All our packaging is recyclable, and our diffuser bottles can be reused. Our Fragrance is Alcohol free and is 85% biodegradable.

What is the cost of shipping?
Free shipping
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